a7 Sql Tools

Compare databases

Compare the database structure

With the structure comparer we can select two database and generate an overview of the differences in the structure of the two selected databases.

The overview contains information about the structure differences, as well as functions to migrate the differences from one database to other.

It allows to view differences in the existing tables

Compare sql tables, diff the columns

Differences in existing columns

Compare sql columns, diff the types

And differences between types of columns that exist in both databases

Compare sql column types

Compare the database content

The data comparer analyzes all tables in two databases and makes an overview in the differences between the data contained in the rows of the tables.

It allows to generate a merge query which will insert, update or delete the rows with data from one database into another.

We can either select the merge direction for all selected tables, for single tables, or whole rows.

It's also possible to select, if DELETE statements should be included in the query for rows that exist only in one database.

Compare sql database rows

Each table with differences in the contained data can be analyzed row by row, and rows can be selected from which the differences should be included in the merge query

Show diff of rows between two databasesDefine which way data should be migrated

After we select the rows and/or tables for which the merge query should be generated, we can have a look and analyze the generated query.

Generated merging script between databases